Žinių lygio nustatymas



1. ... English ?
a) You are b) Are you c) Is d) Are
2. No, I ... .
a) amn‘t b) isn‘t c) doesn‘t d) am not
3. ... the students.
a) This is b) That is c) These are d) That are
4. ... old are you ?
a) Who b) How c) Then d) What
5. I haven‘t got ... cigarettes.
a) some b) any c) little d) few

Pre - Intermediate

6. I am listening ... my teacher.
a) as b)to c)by d) from
7. I ... television now.
a) is watch b) am watching c) am watched d) are watching
8. ... you want a drink?
a) Does b) Do c)is d) are
9. They ... to this school everyday.
a) comes b) come c)are coming d) is come
10. She dresses very ... .
a)good b) better c) well d) bad
11. John is the ... in the class.
a) most tall b) tallest c) taller d) more tall
12. You ... see him to night.
a) will b) are c) want d) have
13. I ... do my homework.
a)can to b) must c)need d)have
14. You must pay ... you begin.
a) before b) always c) ever d) soon
15. My teacher is the ... .
a) better b) goodest c) better than d) best



16. I was very ... in the story.
a) interest b) interesting c) interested d)interests
17. I asked him if he ... a good day.
a)have had b) had had c) has had d) did had
18. ... he has finished his work he can go home.
a) Then b) Until c) As soon as d)Therefore
19. He ... us that he had been to Paris.
a) say b) said c) saying d) told
20. The windows ... by the boy.
a) is broken b) were broken c) was broken d) did break
21. Do you know if the train ... ?
a) has already left b) went already c) is left now
d) left since an hour
22. The garage ... now.
a) is being rebuilt b) was building c) rebuilds us again d) is rebuilt
23. I ... a lot of countries in Europe.
a) saw b) was seeing c) have seen d) have been seen
24. The station is too far away ... to.
a) by walk b) to walk c) for walking d) to goes on foot
25. I‘d like ... English.
a) perfecting my b) to improve c) to can speak d) study
26. If you ... the box, you will find a present.
a) have opened b) open c) opened d) are opening
27. You didn‘t ... play tennis.
a) used to b) to use c) use to d)have used to
28. My sister enjoyed ... the dinner.
a) to cook b) cooking c) is cooking d) the cooking
29. I was walking along the road when the car ... .
a) was crashing b) crashed c) crashes d) had crashed

Upper - Intermediate


30. Tomorrow you ... leaving England.
a) will be b) can c) are going d) did
31. By five o‘clock he ... Manchester.
a) has arrived b) is arriving c) will have reached d) is reaching
32. These machines ... .
a) need regulating b) need to regulate c) need regulated d) have to regulate
33. If all goes well, I ... home before six o‘clock.
a) would be b) should be c) will have been d) am
34. He asked her whether ... London.
a) she liked b) she like c) had she liked d) did she like
35. Do you know what ... to do ?
a) I require b) am I require c) I am required d) I am requiring
36. Don‘t forget ... me a newspaper, John.
a) buying b) that you buy c) to bought d) to buy
37. Whenever there was a visitor, the dog ... to the door.
a) will run b) is running c) would run d) was running
38. He is an engineer in ... .
a) the cotton industry b) cotton industry c) cotton industries d) cotton industrial
39. Although my brother ... in the team, we still lose.
a) is playing b) played c) had played d) has played
40. I‘d bought a computer, I ... now.
a) would have used b) would use c) would have been
used d) use
41. I ... travelling by tube.
a) am not used to b) didn‘t used to
c) used to d) do not use to


42. Do you realise that by the time I hand this thesis I ... on it for about a year.
a)will have been working b)will have worked c)will have been worked d)would have worked
43. ... , she never likes to admit she‘s wrong.
a) Being a politician b) Having been a politician c) As she is a politician d) When she is a politician
44. ... you did , I‘m sure it was fine.
a)Whatever b) Whoever
c) Wherever d) What
45. I saw ... stealing the car.
a) he b) him c) his d) when he
46. When John got back from work I was worn out because ... letter all day.
a) I‘d been writing b) I‘d written c) I wrote d) I‘ve been writing
47. Jane rose very early on the day ... be married.
a) she was to b) she was c) she had to d) she has to
48. I could ... handled the situation more subtly.
a) had b) to c) have d) been